Candle Making Equipment

All-in-one Starter Kit

If you are starting the candle making process, the best choice is to get a starter kit; in this way, for a small investment, you would have some primary material you would be able to reuse over and over again (i.e. melter, stirring spoon, wicks and tins).

The one suggested here is the best one because it comes with beeswax, essential oils, tins, wicks, and a guide to make your first batch!

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Melting and Pouring Pot

The melter really makes the difference when you are going to batch many candles. We suggest having two of them. One used to melt wax directly in a boiling water-filled pot, and another one to mix the liquid cooler wax with essential oils and from there pouring in the containers.

For melting, many use this presto pot variation for wax. However, we believe that it is more practical using two pinchers. To check their prices click on the button below.

Precise Kitchen Scale

You probably have guessed by reading our articles that candle making is quite a precise scientific craft. We have to constantly weigh wax, essential oils and make sure our recipes are as similar as possible if not, we wouldn’t be able to replicate similar candles with a similar scent throw.

The suggestion here is what we have in our kitchen and use pretty much every day for anything (we do a lot of homemade bread) and candle making!

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The thermometer is a must-have: you need to measure the temperature of the wax while it is melting to prevent it from burning and when it’s the right time to add essential oils.

You would buy the thermometer once and use it pretty much forever, so don’t be afraid to spend a tad more: what we are looking for here is precision.

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Pre-Waxed Candle Wicks

The wicks make the candle burn properly, preventing hazards and defects. We advise pre-waxed cotton core wicks that are easy to use and burn.

Our suggestion comes in different lengths, so you won’t need to waste much cotton if you are doing smaller tins.

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